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  • Business Philosophy Of The Company
    Based on sincerity, respecting customers,
    Keep improving and keep pace with the times
  • Company mission
    Create value for customers,
    Create benefits for the company。
  • Enterprise spirit
    Be realistic, enterprising and self-improvement
    Striving for excellence。
  • Quality policy of the company
    First class quality, accurate delivery time;
    Continuous improvement to meet customers。
  • Zhongshan Chengye electronic circuit board Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1991. It is a private enterprise. Mr. Li Chengtian is the chairman of the board and Mr. Li Chengzhao is the general manager of the company.

    The company is located in Dongrui Industrial Zone, Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City. The 15000 square meter office area is the company's R & D, business, production and manufacturing center, with more than 200 professional circuit board management, technology and production personnel. The annual output of various precision single, double-sided, multi-layer printed circuit boards is more than 500000 square meters. The products are widely used in communication equipment, lighting, computers, automotive electronics, medical devices, instruments and meters. And other fields. The main production PCB single and double-sided and multilayer board. The products are mainly sold to the Pearl River Delta.

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